Irrigation systems

Water: a vital element for plants

All the irrigation processes on offer from Richel Equipement cover the different horticultural and vegetable growing practices all over the world.

greenhouse drip irrigation systemDrip

The most water-economical irrigation method that feeds the water to the very foot of the plant. This very precise system allows for flush cleaning by differential pressure in the irrigation network.

greenhouse spraying irrigation systemSpraying

The conventional irrigation method in static mode. It is perfectly adapted to crops planted in the ground, from seedlings to mature plants.


irrigation boom for greenhouses

Irrigation boom

The boom is designed for mobile irrigation from above (rain) and from the side. Always as close as possible to the plant to be irrigated.


greenhouse sub-irrigating baseSub-irrigating base

Sub-irrigating bases (on benches or on the ground) allow for tidal irrigation for growing practices that are adapted to certain potted plants. 


hydraulic sectorisationSectorisation

Hydraulic sectorisation can be used to irrigate certain selected zones of crops. It allows the size of the irrigation system to be reduced for a better cost/materials compromise.