Two dedicated design offices

From greenhouses to equipment

We control in house the design of our greenhouses, from manufacture to marketing: the choice of raw materials, the quality of the assemblies, compliance with standards and the optimisation of costs all guide our product developments.

Thanks to its experience and expertise, our design office is a genuine centre of creativity that has produced numerous innovations:

  • The 90mm ovalised tube made of high tensile strength steel
  • The gutter beam that collects condensation
  • The double inflated film
  • The Richel clip
  • The Richel patented weld-free cross
  • The first 12.80m multi-span greenhouse in 2008 and the first 16m model in 2015.


And beyond innovation, we pay particular attention to meeting standards. Every greenhouse structure is calculated to be compliant with the European standard EN 13031-1. The Richel Group’s products stand out by their advanced technology, high standards of innovation and quality.

In terms of equipments, each projet is carefully sized to optimize costs and agronomic performance. Technology advance, constant innovation and quality make Richel products. Our design office uses modern CAD-CAM systems, and heating, lighting, electricity and hydraulics software that enables us to make the right expert choices.

Plastic greenhouses, glass greenhouses, equipment and storage shelters: a centre of expertise that enables the Richel Group to offer innovative agronomic solutions.